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10 Tips for an Awesome Senior Session

In life, we get a few chances to celebrate major milestones. Your senior year is one of those times! A senior session is a great way to capture who you are at this moment in life so you can remember it forever. Plus, you need the perfect photo for your school year book! Here are some tips and tricks to make your senior session an amazing experience.

1. Choose your location based on the look and vibe you want for your session. The location can be a local park with tall grasses or wildflowers, the beach or downtown in the city in front of some graffiti. It could be on the high school track, at your favorite coffee shop or at the horse barn where you take riding lessons. Make sure your location represents you and who you are. Are you stuck on ideas for locations? Ask me for a list of my favorite locations around the state. I’d love to help you choose one that’s perfect for you!

2. Choose your clothes based on what makes you feel best! You should feel like yourself and be completely comfortable in what you’re wearing for your session. In general, try to stay away from very busy patterns, big logos and super bright colors. Also avoid clothes that don't fit you well or don’t allow you to move freely since you’ll be in different poses in each outfit. I suggest bringing along 2-3 outfits for different looks. Some seniors like to do a casual look as well as a formal look. You can also include your cap and gown or sports uniform. You may want to consider the look of the location to fit the style of your clothes. For example, a flowy dress for the beach, cowboy boots for a rustic location or bold solid colors for in front of a graffiti wall. Not sure if your outfit looks good? Feel free to message me for advice or bring along extras the day of your session and I can help you choose. Some locations have a place to change but if not, I do have a changing tent you can use.

3. Accessorize! There are several quick ways to change the look of your outfit without completely changing. (This can give you even more looks in less time!) Add a scarf, cardigan sweater, zip up hoodie or jewelry. Choose accessories that you love and feel unique to you.

4. Represent your passions and interests. You are unique and what you love makes you special. I recommend bringing along items that you use in your hobbies and interests to the session. This can include, but isn’t limited to, musical instruments, sports equipment, a sketch book, video game controller, dance shoes or even your favorite pet! Anything that helps represent who you are and what you love in your life.

5. Bring someone you love and trust with you. This can be a best friend, your parent, or a sibling. This person should be your hype person and help make you feel great during your session. Let me know ahead of time if you'd like to include someone else in your session. This can be a great opportunity for an updated best friends or family photo.

6. Bring a bag with essentials for your photo shoot. I always recommend bringing a bag with whatever you may need to touch up in between photos. This can include hairspray, a hairbrush or comb, a mirror, flat shoes for walking between spots if you’re wearing uncomfortable heels, water, makeup for touchups and any props, accessories, or extra outfits you’d like to include.

7. Think about your hair and makeup. I suggest not getting a haircut immediately before your session. A haircut is best done about a week before your session to allow it to look natural and not “just cut.” If you’re getting your hair or makeup done by a professional before your session, make sure to allow enough wiggle room so you’re not rushing or running late. For makeup, it’s ok to go a little heavier than you normally wear but still try to keep your look natural and close to what you usually look like. You want to look like yourself… but looking like the best version of yourself is always nice! Also don’t forget to clean or manicure your nails especially if you are including props that will show your hands closeup.

8. Don’t worry about breakouts! I know having acne right before your session can be stressful and make you not feel your best. I had awful acne as a teenager, so I completely understand. The good news is that with the magic of Photoshop, no one but us ever has to know you had a breakout the day of your session. Just mention it to me at the session and ask for me to edit out your blemishes. It’ll be our little secret! :)

9. Don’t be afraid to speak up! Do you not like a certain pose? Do you have an idea? Let me know! I’m super laid back and want to make your session comfortable and fun for you. Please don’t hesitate to tell me how you’re feeling, what you like or don’t like during the session or if you have an idea for a photo you’d like to do. These are your photos and your experience, and you have a say!

10. Trust the process! I know that being in front of the camera can sometimes feel uncomfortable or weird, but my job is to help you feel your best. I’ll help you with poses and we will make your session fun! Try to relax and enjoy yourself. These photos represent you as a person at this stage of your life so be yourself and let your personality shine! You’re amazing in every way just for being you!

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